Pediatric speech therapy in Colorado Springs, CO

Zoah Speech & Outreach

Speech therapy, kids groups, parent coaching in Colorado Springs

Unconventional therapy for unconventional learners. 

We are a neurodiversity affirming therapy practice in Colorado Springs, specializing in the treatment of kids with communication delays and differences. We listen to our clients and their families to deliver compassionate, child-led, and meaningful therapy.

ADHD therapy and neurodiversity affirming autism therapy

ADHD & Autism

ADHD and ASD are neurotypes, which often present with differences in learning, regulation, and social expression. We teach kids and teens about their brains, empower them to self-advocate, equip them with new strategies, and foster authentic relationships.

Of note: over 75% of autistic children are gestalt language processors, so we facilitate language skills differently than most speech therapy practices.

Speech sound disorders speech therapy for childhood apraxia of speech

Speech Sounds

Children with articulation delays, phonological disorders, or childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) may struggle with speaking, reading, and writing. We use research-based methods to help them master speech sounds and coordinate speech movements!

Our advanced training in motor-based therapy approaches, including DTTC, allows us to truly treat the root of the issue in childhood apraxia of speech.

Early intervention services and late talker speech therapy

Early Communication

Toddlers may not reach early language milestones for a variety of reasons. We engage in play-based sessions, use language facilitation strategies, and empower parents to apply the same strategies at home to help their child express themselves!

Caregiver involvement is key to quick and lasting progress; we invest in parents and guardians because we know that you are your child's greatest teacher!  

Child-led speech language therapy services in Colorado Springs

Meet Shyanne

Founder, Speech-Language Pathologist

Shyanne is a speech-language pathologist and college instructor, with advanced training in the neuroscience of communication.
She provides positive and varied learning experiences for her clients - both inside and outside of the clinic. Shyanne's deep understanding of cognitive development, motor speech, and language acquisition allows her to address the root cause of her clients' surface-level challenges, and help them become confident communicators. 

“There are not enough words to describe how thankful we are for Shyanne! Our son was non-speaking and diagnosed with apraxia when we started speech therapy with her. He showed so much progress with her in the first few months, and is now speaking like kids his age. I still get emotional when I watch him talk and communicate with others. She walked with us through him being frustrated about not being able to communicate his thoughts and feelings. Shyanne cares so much about the individual and their unique personality. She is so positive and makes it so much fun. My son absolutely loved going to see her. Not only did she encourage and nurture growth for my son, she encouraged me as a mom and gave me tools to help as well. Shyanne changed my son’s life and I am forever grateful for all she has done for him, and our family.” 
~ A.M.